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         Vuslat Advertising Ind.&Trd. which founded in 1999 with high quality service standards, started its rapid, high quality and reliable applications in İstanbul since then, today it becomes one of the pioneer companies of its sector that exporting products all over the world.


         Started in İstanbul in 1999, our company has been growing steadily till today, keeps its track on exports to the UK by opening London branch to understand its customer’s needs better, and give them quicker, higher quality and one by one services.  Being a producer of most of our products gives our customers competitive advantage at the market.


         Our company successfully and professionally completes design, producing and installing tasks of our customer by our highly expertised staff.


         Our company unified its knowledge and experience with professional ethics, to ensure every single job has been done according to our quality standards and customer expectations.


         Our company, which is continuously upgrading machinery according to the quickly developing technological trends, sets customer satisfaction to its main goal by considering innovative, efficient quality standards and optimum price - performance balance.